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Spy Cams – Where to Place a Hidden Camera In Your Home


Why are spy cams effective? It’s because people don’t know that they’re there. Spy cams have captured countless of crimes because the criminals didn’t know that they’re being watched. Needless to say, the effectiveness of spy cameras will depend on the places where you’re going to hide them. This way, no one will know that they exist.

Here are the best places where you can hide a hidden camera in your home:

· Curtain rods

Ask yourself – when was the last time that you inspected your curtain rods? This is especially effective if the curtain rods are really high up. You can install a small spy cam and just point it downwards towards the direction of the area that you want to secure.

· Mirrors

You can just buy a two-way mirror and install a spy camera inside of it. This way, the camera is virtually undetectable.

· Lamps

The dust accumulating around your lamps are proof that no one really pays notice to your lamps. It’s best to choose one that you don’t really use. A lot of homes display lamps just for decoration purposes. This way, you can be sure that no one will see the camera.

· Bookshelf

No one inspects bookshelves. Install one in a nondescript book and no one will see it.

· Teddy bears

There’s a good reason why most nanny cams are in the form of teddy bears. You can make one yourself. Just install a spy cam inside a teddy bear and surround it with other teddy bears.

· Plants

If you have plants inside your home, they’re great when it comes to hiding spy cameras. Choose a plant with a lot of leaves and branches.

· Hole in the wall or ceiling

Make a small hole in an area of your wall or ceiling that’s not usually noticed.

While these are great hiding places, you have to know that there are also spy cameras that you don’t need to hide. This is called hiding in plain sight. This is because they’re already installed inside things that won’t look out-of-place. Here are some of the things that serve as patterns for spy cams:

· Air freshener

· Button

· Carbon monoxide detector

· Radio

· Phone

· Desktop computer speakers

· Screw

· Alarm clock

There are a lot of other things that can also work as spy cameras. Make sure to check them out as well while exploring the places where you can hide a hidden camera.


Source by Rocco W Sarracino

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