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Plastic surgery will not help retired CIA spies in the future – Beware


Indeed, I had sent a warning in 2005 about the challenges facing all cameras and the advancement of face recognition technology and how this would affect the spy ship. In other words, members of intelligence agencies around the world, including our own CIA, will have trouble concealing their identities because of face recognition technology. Once someone is on Facebook, their photo will forever give it away in the future based on the mathematical formulas used by FRT or face recognition technology. Okay, let’s talk for a second, shall we?

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on January 21, 2012, entitled; “Dear ID Scanner, it’s still me,” and the article states; “Face recognition technology crosses a new threshold: identifying people even after they have undergone plastic surgery.” Apparently, according to the article, some researchers from Notre Dame took about 900 different people who underwent plastic surgery and the FRT software was between 78% accurate, it still recognizes a person based on his mathematical matrix, which measures the geometry of the face.

For example, the center of the mouth, the distance to the nose, the distance between the eyes and the ears, and all the distances to each other remained basically the same. Unless someone had a face reconstruction due to a car accident in which their face was broken and their bones were restored or their jaw was reconfigured, the FRT software handed them over. And just because these changes have been made, doesn’t mean that these people can still get away if all the other distances and measurements are the same in the mathematical matrix.

Now, maybe when the CIA recruits people, they’ll have to hire them when they first go to high school, and show interest that they might want to be a CIA spy. And they will have to start with a fake identity on Facebook and post that information for the next 10 or 12 years until they become a spy, so that there is a story. Without a decade of online history, no photos using their real name, or photos from friends taken with their digital personal technology device, such as a smartphone, they will be discovered by foreign governments using the same FRT software.

A photo from a friend who identifies you as a real self will give you. Therefore, either they have to hire people who use their true identity, or they have to plan a decade of life in advance. The last option would be for them to undergo massive reconstructive surgery before joining and gaining a new identity. Really, I hope you will consider all this and think.


Source by Lance Winslow

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