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Mac Monitoring Software

Look After Your Kids When You’re Away

You cannot be there for your kids 100% of the time, but you can still look after them even when you are away. SPY24 Personal Monitor makes it easy to monitor the activities of your Mac PC, alerting you instantly if any unwanted activity happens.

Worried about the kids playing too much on your computer? Want to be aware who they talk to behind your back? Concerned about Web content they are viewing? You can help by installing SPY24 Personal Monitor!

The Complete Surveillance Solution for Your Mac

SPY24 Personal Monitor replaces costly surveillance systems with a highly customizable, easy to use software solution running in the background on your Mac. SPY24 Personal Monitor runs silently in background; it cannot be seen, disabled, uninstalled or tampered with by anyone without your master password.

Instant Alerts

Even the best monitor is truly useless if it’s too late to intervene. SPY24 Personal Monitor offers constant protection of your family by alerting you about unwanted activities by email. You can count SPY24 Personal Monitor to warn you just in time to take immediate measures to get your kids out of trouble.

Easy to Install and to Use

SPY24 Monitoring Software installs in just a few clicks. There are no cumbersome settings to configure to begin using SPY24 Personal Monitor, yet all the important customizations are there for you. Download mac os Spy your free evaluation version and see how easy it really is!

Monitoring All Activities

SPY24 Personal Monitor makes it easy to monitor all or some activities occurring on your computer. You can record keystrokes typed on your Mac, watch Web resources visited, and log applications launched. In addition, SPY24 Personal Monitor makes periodic captures of your Mac’s desktop to better illustrate what’s going on at the moment.

Invisible Operation

SPY24 Personal Monitor mac os runs silently in background, with or without an application icon visible. It can be completely hidden from anyone’s eyes, running silently and invisibly in background while logging all the activities.

Complete Security

SPY24 Personal Monitor protects its operation against tampering, making it impossible for anyone without your master password to even see the program running, let alone tampering with or uninstalling it.

Keylogger mac os spy

Keyloggers: the greatest thing since sliced bread or an urban legend?

The urban legend has it: keyloggers are Trojans, viruses and malware; keyloggers will tease your dog and drink your beer. Yet, many keylogger apps successfully pass strict moderation and are sold in curated app stores. Why are they allowed, and are keyloggers good or evil?

As is the case with many dual-use technologies, the benefits or the dangers of a keylogger are in the hands of its user. A bad actor may use a keylogger to stalk their victims. A good parent may use a keylogger to safeguard their kids against those bad actors.

Mac Monitoring Software
Mac Monitoring Software

Using keyloggers to look after your kids’ online activities

The more connected your kids become, the higher their chances to be exposed to the dangers that exist online and come across the violent and inappropriate content. That’s why when it comes to kid’s safety, parental control software is so crucial.

Tools can’t do everything, but you can. With a tool

To hammer a nail you’ll need a hammer. To looking after your kids’ online activities you’ll need a keylogger. While the keylogger alone can’t do everything (in fact, it won’t do anything except letting you know there might be a problem on the horizon), you can – but only if you see the warning sign. The point of a keylogger is giving parents an early warning. Toxic behavior is easy to spot with a parent’s eye but will be taken at face value by most kids. It’s your job as a parent to help them steer around bad actors while keeping entertainment and educational values of the Internet at their full disposal.

My kids are x years old. Do I need a keylogger?

How old is old enough? In the world of Internet, we’ve seen grown-ups send their entire savings to Nigeria to help “love of all their life” pay them a visit while overcoming the piling list of obstacles. While there’s nothing one can (legally) do to help those scam victims, you have all the power in the world to safeguard your own kids. The consensus is that parents must supervise all online activities for kids under the age of 13, while still keeping an eye on their Internet life when they are 13 to 18 years old.

So what is a keylogger then?

Keystroke loggers, or keyloggers, are tools that record the pressed keystrokes (as in “everything they type on a keyboard”). The difference between a “keystroke” and “key press” is that keystrokes are recorded after corrections, while individual key presses with typos and corrections can be difficult to translate into meaningful text.

Clipboard logging?

“Everything they type on a keyboard”? What about “everything they paste from the clipboard”? While there is no word for “cliplogger”, most keyloggers do in fact monitor the system’s clipboard as well. Everything they place in the clipboard and everything they paste in an app is recorded along with “everything they type”.

Should I be silent or upfront about the use of a keylogger?

Should you tell your kids you installed a keylogger on their computer? There is no legal requirement to do so if you are supervising someone who is under your legal supervision and is considered a minor in your jurisdiction, and you can’t legally use a keylogger on anyone who is not.

Whether you choose to be stealth or upfront about the use of a keylogger, it’s always good to have an option. Most keyloggers can do either way, while good keyloggers go an extra mile to password-protect access to settings.

Choose your keylogger

Depending on your requirements, there may be features that could be more important, less important or completely irrelevant for you. Let’s see what’s on offer.

Windows or macOS?

Do you have a Windows PC or a Mac? More importantly, what do your kids have? We’ve seen hundreds of keyloggers for Windows and about a dozen for macOS, but just a few can be used on both platforms.

Stealth or upfront?

All keyloggers can run in an explicit mode, while most can hide themselves to a degree. Some of the best keyloggers can protect their settings with a password to ensure that your kids can’t disable logging or uninstall the thing.

Use SPY24 to:

  • Log all keystrokes while staying completely invisible for users
  • Log all text fragments copied to the clipboard

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