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How To Get Rid Of Conficker Worm


Conficker is a worm designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The worm spreads from one computer to another over a network without human intervention. An infected computer may or may not show symptoms of infection. If it shows any symptoms, they should be blocked by the account rules; disabled security software, automatic updates and error reporting service and others; congested network; deleted recovery points on the computer; slow internet connection; and inaccessible online virus scanning and other virus removal service websites. Given that Conficker needs immediate removal, we have compiled a free virus removal support guide for you.


Download Microsoft Safety Scanner, a free online virus scan tool, from the Microsoft website and save it to your computer. Then open the installation file and install the tool. When finished, run a full virus scan and wait for it to finish. When finished, prompt the tool to remove the infected files found during the scan. Close all windows.

Download the latest Windows updates using the built-in Windows Update utility or from the Windows Update website. Make sure you are connected to the Internet when downloading updates. When you are finished, install the updates and restart your computer after you are prompted. When you’re done, launch your web browser and download the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool from the Microsoft website.

Install and run the tool as mentioned above. When you’re done, update the tool with the latest virus definitions. Then run a full virus scan on your computer and wait for it to finish. When you’re done, check for virus-infected files and prompt the tool to delete them. Exit the tool window.

Now run your antivirus program, update it, and then run a full virus scan again. Follow the same procedure above to scan and remove infected files. This should be done to ensure that there are no traces of the Conficker worm on your computer. You can even check the history and location of the worm in the log of your antivirus program. When finished, close all windows. Open and empty Trash.

Then download the registry cleaner and save it to your computer. Then open the installation file and install the tool. Before running the tool, back up the registry. Because the registry is the heart of the operating system, any wrong changes made to it can cause the computer to crash or cause other serious problems. When you have finished backing up the registry, open the tool and start scanning your registry. Then correct the errors that the tool made during the scan. Your computer should be free of the Conficker worm now.

More information:

We have not explained the manual procedure for removing the Conficker virus here. This is because it involves killing the worm’s processes, removing the associated files, and modifying the registry to get rid of the worm completely. This is quite a long and cumbersome procedure. You do not have to do it manually unless you are well acquainted with the above.

The Conficker worm has different variants such as W32 / Conficker, W32 / Worm.AHGV, Worm / Conficker.worm.gen,, Win32 / Conficker.AA and Worm: Win32 / Conficker.B among others.

The Microsoft Security Scanner tool expires every 10 days. So you need to download it again in 10 days to run an online virus scan. It should be borne in mind that the tool does not replace an antivirus program. You must have antivirus protection installed on your computer to protect it from such threats.


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