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How to Fix Outlook Express Error 0x800CCC90 |


This article describes what is the error in Outlook Express 0x8000CCC90 and how it can be fixed to make Outlook Outlook work again. The instructions provided here are reliable and true to date. However, it is recommended that you follow them carefully to avoid problems with Outlook Express.

“There was a problem logging in to your mail server. Your username has been rejected. Profile: “”, Server: “”, Protocol: POP3, Server Response: “-ERR”, Port: 110, Secure (SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90 ” This error message appears when you try to log in to your email account, but your POP3 mail server rejects your username or password due to an error in entering or not verifying, among other reasons. To correct this error message, you must change the properties to your Outlook Express email account. Here’s how you can do this with this free Outlook Express Support Guide.


Open Outlook Express by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop. If there is no desktop shortcut, click the Start menu and open All Outlook Express. When you’re in the Outlook Express window, click the Tools menu at the top and select Profiles. You will see the Internet Accounts dialog box. Click the Mail tab (if it’s not already checked), click to select your email account, and then click the Properties button (on the right).

When you are in the Properties window, click the Server tab and check the inbound (POP3) and outbound (SMTP) mail server settings. For example, you use a Gmail account; the incoming mail server will be “”, while the outgoing one will be “”. Check the account name and password. Your account name is your full email address. Make sure it is entered correctly. Please check your password, delete it, and re-enter it without making a spelling mistake. If you have recently changed your password, update it here in the Password field and check the Remember password box. An incorrect password entry can result in this Outlook Express error message.

If the Login with password-protected authentication check box is selected, clear the check box. Under the Outgoing mail server heading, select the My server requires authentication check box. Now click the Advanced tab and check the server port numbers for incoming and outgoing mail servers. They should be what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has given you. Check that the correct port numbers are entered. You can also refresh them by deleting and re-entering them. Check the server waits. When you have finished making the necessary changes to your settings, click the Apply button to save them, and then click the OK button to exit the Properties window.

Close Outlook Express and reopen it. It will refresh the changes and the error in Outlook Express will disappear. If the problem persists, use this method. Open a command prompt from the Start menu> All Programs> Accessories. You can also use the Run utility to open a command prompt. When in the command prompt window, type “netsh int ip reset c: resetlog.txt” (without quotes and as is) and press Enter. Wait for the command to run. When finished, close the command prompt by clicking the X button in the upper-right corner of the window.

More information:

Often a virus or malware, such as Trojan or spyware, etc., hidden in your email can also cause error 0x8000CCC90 in Outlook Express. So, be sure to run a full virus scan from your antivirus program. You can also run a free online virus scan from a trusted website like Trend Micro. When the scan is complete, remove all infected files. Don’t forget to empty the bin.


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