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How Data Is Secured With Tally ERP 9


As far as data is concerned, Tally has always been one of the most secure business applications in the world. In most systems, an individual knowing the database password, who is typically an IT administrator, and not a business owner, can create chaos with the system. One can see Tally’s data through the application and thus the data security is also controlled by the application security. If you intend to TallyVault your data as a result of the sophisticated encryption algorithms, the data can be absolutely guaranteed to be non-recoverable without a valid username and password. All this is possible along with keeping the data portable. It’s one of the unique strengths of Tally which contributes to its remarkable supportability. With Tally ERP 9, you can make sure that a specific company will be accessible only by a particular serial number. You might wish to use the services of your CA, consultant or partner to look at the data but you would want to prevent this being opened by anyone else, for instance, a competitor who could gain a competitive advantage.

You can even stipulate that a company is not accessible in educational mode. You can also stipulate the sets of TDLs that must run on a specified serial number. You can then no longer bypass the external TDL imposed controls etc., just by disabling TDLs in the Tally.ini file. One can even implement and enforce security through very simple TDLs.

Security of Data in Remote Operations

Tally ERP 9’s request response system is extremely secure. Since both the receiver and the sender of information act as clients and not server, it’s practically not possible to hack as only servers can be hacked. This is because the data resides on the client’s machine only and not on the viewers’. The customer is in complete hold over access control and can even decide not to connect a company for remote access even though it has remote users.

Security and Access Control

When several users are accessing Tally ERP 9, from Tally Solutions, the issue of ‘control’ certainly crops up. Several questions come up such as – what are various users allowed to do? Can one user be allowed to make voucher alterations? Should another user be allowed to print reports? The security of Tally ERP 9 keeps everything open by default and as the need arises you progressively lock down the system. To simplify the usage pattern, you can define standard sets of rights and use these as templates for particular users, adding or taking away rights for that user, if required. Once you open your firm for TSS remote access, you can apply the same level of control to such users – a TSS identity is added in precisely the same way as the normal user.

Nearly all security and access requirements are covered by default when you use Tally services. In case, you need more controls (for instance, suppliers are to be given remote access only to their respective accounts), they can be customised.


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