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Digital Line Detection (DLG.exe) – Malicious or Not?


Dlg.exe is included in the BVRP Phone Tools software package, which provides fax, phonebook, e-mail and other services. It works on its own when Windows starts, is in system memory, and detects when you turn a digital phone line on or off. Digital Line Detect is usually preinstalled by Dell and other computer manufacturers. It is also known to be included in the Connexant V.92 and Broadcom modem drivers.

Some time ago, the publisher of Dlg.exe produced spyware, which is why Digital Line Detect is sometimes treated as spyware. You should definitely delete it if you have an old version of Dlg.exe on your computer. Now, however, this is no longer spyware. But keep in mind that even newer versions of the Dlg.exe process can cause problems, system instability, memory, and loss of performance. Digital Line Detect is often classified as malware.
If you are an advanced user, you can solve Digital Line Detect software problems manually.

To completely solve the problem with “Digital Line Detect Dlg.exe”, you need to:

1) Disable the option to automatically start Dlg.exe in all related programs (modem drivers or BVRP Phone Tools software package)

2) Kill the Dlg.exe process

3) Use the Msconfig.exe utility to permanently remove Dgl.exe from the startup list.

4) (Optional) Locate and delete the Dlg.exe file

However, there is a quick solution to remove dlg.exe using True Sword, which detects and eliminates this problem and more than 180,000 other dangerous threats, including Trojans, spyware, adware, risk programs, problem programs, keyloggers, dialing numbers and other types of malware. programs for a few seconds. True Sword protects your computer from malicious programs that cause damage to your computer and violate the confidentiality of information.


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