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Chrome is slow – why Google Chrome is slow and how to fix it


Google Chrome is considered one of the best web browsers not only for the Windows operating system, but also for the Mac. It is also considered the fastest browser compared to others. However, for some reason, problems arise with it. The most common problem that Internet users face is that Chrome starts running slower than normal. In many cases, it crashes and makes it difficult to surf the Internet. Here are some tips that are useful for speeding up your browser.

The following tips will help you deal with slow Chrome:

1-Clear cache. Each time you end a browsing session, make it a habit to clear your cache so that all cookies are removed.

2-Clear history. Also clear your browsing history from time to time and don’t allow URLs to accumulate in your Chrome history files.

3-Get rid of excessive toolbars. Your browser often has some heavy plug-ins and toolbars that make Google Chrome run very slowly. Track toolbars that are never or rarely used, and then remove some of them for faster browsing.

4-Clean the Windows registry. Repair and clean the Windows registry, which is a Windows storage component, to fix the slow speed of Google Chrome. You can clean the Windows registry by using some system utility software.

5-Enable GPU Compositing on All Pages. There’s an option in Google Chrome (I mean the latest version, Chrome 20.0.1132.57 m), which is called “Enable GPU Compositing on all pages. By activating this option, you can notice a significant increase in browser speed. Apply this technique by entering concerning: flags in the URL address bar. A list of “experiments” will appear. Find the above option and activate it. Remember not to play with other experiments if you are not sure how these experiments may affect the functionality of your browser.

Follow all the tips described above.

It is strongly recommended that you repair your Windows registry because it not only allows Google Chrome to run faster, but also prevents the browser from crashing.

Some registry errors, such as file association errors, cause files to open incorrectly.

Repairing the registry can prevent these errors, as well as remove the spyware effects from the Windows registry database.

The registry cleaner feature is usually available in the System Utility software. Find a good tool that can clean Chrome files, optimize the web, and also clear unwanted data from your entire system.


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